Fixing Health Care from Inside Out,
Harvard Business Review Press, 2011, ISBN 978-1-4221-6258-3 (241 pages, 138*209 mm)

This is a compilation of 10 articles, by as many authors, on healthcare problems and what to do about them. It turns out that by a comparison India's healthcare is five times as cost-efficient as the American. What can the USA learn from India? Quite a lot actually, and by implication so can Europe.
     This is an important book. Needless to say this book will be totally neglected by policymakers in the USA and Europe. But you should read it!
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Updated 2016-07-04
Eric Beinhocker,
The Origin of Wealth, Evolution, Cokplexity, and the Radical remaking of Economics
, Random House Business Books, 2007, ISBN 978-0-712-67661-8, (526 pages, 197*130 mm)

For a flight across the Atlantic you need something to read. I picked this book. An awful risktaking some might say, but no, this was a really good read.
     A history of economics as a science is given, politics is discussed, very illuminating. Recommended! 

Tobias Mayer,
The People's Scrum: Agile Ideas for Revolutionary Transformation,
Dymaxicon, 2013, ISBN 978-1937965150, (170 pages, 229 x 152 mm)

Tobias Mayer is a free thinking spirit in a world of tunnel vision.
     This will make some people angry, but the fact is: software developers are oblivious to other engineering fields. They tend to think that because the creation of their field of work took place so recently, they must be some kind of vanguard. The truth is that other engineering fields have had more time to invent and try-out methods for organizing work. This is why I am impressed by Mayer. His does not run with the crowd. A book well worth reading.